European Experts

The STAR expert community is an interactive information exchange platform for international experts in the field of dementia care. This community gives dementia care experts from all disciplines the opportunity to exchange information on course topics, best practices, and state of the art research in dementia care, to create new ideas and to foster international collaboration. Members of the community are engaged in various dementia care expert groups like INTERDEM (a pan-European scientific research group that aims to develop early, timely and quality psychosocial interventions in dementia), Alzheimer organizations, and experts from clinical practice, e.g. members of the North Sea Dementia Group.

Within the community, experts have the chance to interact with professional and informal carers, these are students of national STAR communities. Members of the various national STAR communities have the opportunity to ask questions to the experts, this way experts are able to support professional and informal carers in their carer role.

Together with visitors of the STAR expert community the STAR project team wishes to promote and improve education in dementia care.

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